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Pharmacology Quiz App

Pharmacology is one of the most essential aspects of medical sciences. It’s basically all about drug metabolism in the human body. This comprehensive quiz is specially designed to enable medical and pharmaceutical students test their knowledge and consequently familiarize themselves with all major aspects of the course. This quiz covers all major topics in pharmacology. 

English Vocabulary & Word Builder Quiz App

English is clearly the most widely spoken language in the world and in today’s shrinking world it is increasingly important that you become very fluent with and conversant with the English language.

Bacteriology Mobile App Quiz

Bacteriology is a branch of science that deals with the study of bacteria. It basically involves the identification, classification, and characterization of bacterial species. It’s one of the core subjects of most discipline under biological and medical sciences. Bacteriology is sub-field of microbiology that has wide applicability in medical and industrial fields.

African Geography Quiz

This quiz provides a overview of African Geography.  The questions are appropriate for high school and college African Geography courses and even general knowledge.
Questions come from a wide spectrum including the following:
- Languages
- Weather
- Culture / Ethnicity
- Population
- Rivers
- Boundaries
- Migration
- Size
- Religion
- Flags, country outlines / shapes and countries

Drug Dosage Calculations Quiz

Calculations and Maths are not the favorite subjects for many students and professionals – nurses included. With this in mind, we have put together an app that assists you with testing and refreshing your knowledge of drug calculations of all sorts.

The questions / exercises help check the skills you need for clinical / real world practice. This quiz will help ensure that you are at your best with the maths needed in the clinic / hospital. 


The quiz includes the following 5 components:



Medication and Pharmaceutical Drugs Quiz

How well do you know medication, prescription and pharmaceutical drugs? Are you familiar with their names, generic names, use and description?

If you are someone who needs to review your knowledge of pharmaceutical / prescription drugs, this app will help you improve or master your knowledge.  It's a great way for you to revise and check what you have learned.


Anatomy & Physiology Review Quiz

Anatomy and Physiology are two different, but highly related disciplines. This inclusive quiz covers the major aspects of Anatomy. The questions were specifically designed to include those aspects of Physiology that are very essential for perfect understanding of Anatomy. 

The major topics treated in this quiz include: the organizational levels of life, the various systems of the human body and basic processes of life. This quiz is a very high quality learning tools, which can be exceptionally useful for students that major in Biological and Medical Sciences.


Basic Addition Practice Quiz

This app provides your child or kid with a great way to practice or test his / her addition skills.  

The format is very interactive and provides instant feedback after each question.  Additional verbal feedback is provided when your child gets a correct answer.  This includes an audible "Well Done" and an animation of clapping hands.  This helps to reinforce learning - encouraging your child to practice and master his / her addition skills.

The questions will help your child fully test his / her skills / knowledge.  



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