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Video Games Are Gaining Increasing Credibility - Even to the Government

Its official.  Video games are becoming more reputable and worth your time - well assuming you have a knack for it and much, much more.  The headline - "'StarCraft 2' video game champ is pro athlete in the US" - caught my attention - and his case obviously caught the Immigration Service's attention too. According to the article linked below: "Kim “viOLet” Dong Hwan became the first 'StarCraft 2' pro to obtain a P-1A visa, which will allow him to live and earn a salary in the United States as a "professional athlete" for the next five years". 

Technology is changing the world we live daily.  30 or 10 years ago, did you imagine that video games would be a pro sport?  Buckle up - because more change is in the future.  The more relevant question is - "What are you doing to keep pace or better still get ahead of the wave?"


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