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How to Choose a a Web Designer or Web Development Company

With the number of web design firms springing up, as a customer it would be difficult for you to choose the right one. After all web presence is everything now for business folks. So here is a guide for the web design company shopper:

Determine what your website needs:
Is your website down or not working properly? Are you having problems with the email on your site?

Not all problems of the website can be dealt by your website designer. The hosting operations of the website are generally outsourced by the Web site design firms. You need to ascertain this before beginning with your project. If the hosting operations have been outsourced and the site is not loading up properly you will need to take it up with the hosting company and not the design firm. There are also those that provide both the designing and the hosting service giving the client a cost effective solution. So you might want to be clear on these issues before commencing. Check if the firm you choose provides for all the service in-house or outsource and if it is outsourced would there be problems if you had to change your site frequently? Would there be delays in responses and postings?

Clientele of the firm:
As they say reputation precedes the person, here the company. Before you sign up with any firm check what type of clients they have designed for. Also check their online portfolio and see some examples. You will then know if they can handle your project or not and if they fit your requirement. Sometimes some companies get limited by working for particular type of clients and though they may be having years of experience it may not be pertaining to your field. This need not be the limiting factor for a creative mind but this could give you invaluable information about the company.
Business years:
There are many fly-by-night operators as far as web designing is concerned. Hence make sure the one you choose just did not pop up overnight on the Google ranking by chance but has actually earned their way there through numerous years of experience.
Web Designing Costs:
Unless you want a site that’s only for namesakes, you should be ready to make good investments in web designing. There are many who would be ready to work for as low as $500 for the whole project but once launched you may be left in the lurch due to poor quality work. Good web designing costs run in thousands of dollars. This is mainly because there is advanced programming and graphic designing involved in building professional websites, not to mention the numerous sittings you will need to do to get what you want. Working with a realistic budget will help you get what you want.
The above criteria should help you narrow down on the web designing firm you want to hire because the sea of designers available out there could be mind boggling.


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