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How to Select the Best Web Hosting Provider

One of the most critical decisions all online businesses have to make is selecting the best web hosting provider. When you choose a popular or well known reliable Internet Provider, or ISP, you’ll never face any serious problems. However, if you choose a poor one – watch out. You might have been dreaming about profitable online success but will actually never wake from this decision-making nightmare. Selecting the right type of web host can become one of the more daunting chores a new business undertakes when left uninformed. However, there are definite features you must make sure are available when looking for the best web hosting provider. Here is exactly what you need to look for when making your search.
Web Space Allowed
A web host provides a client with a particular amount of space on its server where your files are stored and actually where your domain name “rests.” When a visitor punches in your URL (website address) into an Internet browser, this is where they arrive to view your site. So, you have to make sure you contract for the correct amount of space that meets your business requirements. Keep in mind you will more than likely look to expand your business, so it will be necessary in the future to acquire additional space. It is important that you select the best web hosting provider that will meet your future space needs as well as your start up requirements. It is quite a drag moving files down the road if your needs outgrow your web host’s ability to meet them. It will be like moving a lot of furniture without a hand truck. Make sure your selected provider has the capacity for you to host specialized graphics and embedded features such as video and audio – even if you decide to add these at a later time.
You Need FTP Access
Many newcomers and uninformed beginners opt to use a web host that but allows you to design pages online with an available web builder. This looks, at first, to be one of those excellent solutions for people either lacking fundamental skills, sort of like “Internet for Dummies,” but you may regret riding this bus when you eventually find out it doesn’t head in the direction you really want to go. This will help to not only expand your capabilities uploading multiple files, but will act as an efficient online operating business tool as well.
Speed, Security and Reliability
Have you ever surfed to a site and waited…waited…and waited some more for the page to finally “load” onto your computer screen? Do you wish for you site visitors to provide you with some personal information? Don’t you want them to be able to access you 24/7? Speed, security and reliability are three command features that have to be at their top operational capacity for your online business to succeed. A website that is not always available, never updated in a timely manner or is “down for maintenance” frequently will lose you customers.
The best web hosting providers will easily supply you with verifiable testimonials and expert reviews you can find from third-party references.

One of the hosts we recommend and use is Bluehost.  

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