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Website Design Speaks Volumes

The internet has become the best way for all companies – established and startups alike to boost their sales and service to their customers. Due to this there are numerous websites springing up each day but as most of the people want to go cheap on this issue oftentimes the design process gets affected directly affecting the quality of the website. But what most people don’t understand is that clients would not like to walk into a dirty office whether offline or online.
The main reason people visit a website of a company or a product or a service is seeking more information. Of course they can get the same by either writing to the company or may be calling them up but visiting a site is easier and hassle-free. So when prospective clients visit your website you would want the first impression to be, “wow these guys are so professional, I want to do business with them.” After all first impressions are the best impressions. And if you have a visitor thinking your site is awful, how would you expect any of them to do business with you.
Step into the shoes of your client and consider what would make him or her purchase from your site – the professional look, the ease of buying, the information that you provide etc.
The next important thing is the time the website takes to load up. Research has shown that the patience level of visitors to online sites is no more than 30 seconds. Whether the visitor has a DSL connection or any other connection if your site takes more time to load, the chances of them skipping to other sites is greater. Hence design your website in such a way that whether it is a dial up connection or a DSL connection the site gets loaded within 30 to 60 seconds and no more.
Your site may look good and also download quickly but if it doesn’t work the whole purpose is defeated. An online visitor’s worst nightmare is looking at pages that have not been created properly or errors that keep popping up or getting only half the information without any idea of where to go next. This will annoy the visitors who will not only move quickly away from your site but may never come back to it or refer to any of their friends and family.
Considering that your site has all the above prerequisites, if you miss out on the “contact us” section you have lost the game. It is very essential that the visitors are able to contact you either through email or phone or office address or even just have contact forms put up so that they can leave their phone numbers or email address for you to contact. It is essential that the contact information is not limited to the main page of your website but to each and every page so that they don’t feel lost or feel it cumbersome to come back to the main page to search for the contact details.
Armed with these you should be able to create a professional looking, easily loadable and working website to boost your business.  


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