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British Cities Mobile App Quiz

How well do you know The United Kingdom? this expansive quiz covers Britain’s cities,landmarks,mottos and postcode.

With over 500 questions, this quiz will test your knowledge and is a great tool studying for those unfamiliar with the United Kingdom.

The questions will help you review and test your knowledge.  The app contains both true/false questions and multiple choice.  It's great as practice app that you can use to test what you have learned or also as a refresher that you want to use as you prepare for or just before taking an exam. 


Spelling Quiz Mobile App

Spelling – even the smartest students and professors make spelling mistakes.  There are spelling errors on billboards, signs, essays everywhere.  Spellings errors can be embarrassing - and this app will help you avoid spelling errors.


Medical Mycology Mobile App Quiz

Medical Mycology is one of the fundamental aspects of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. It’s a discipline that focuses on our understanding of fungal morphology, physiology as well as the various diseases caused by fungi. 

This comprehensive quiz contains almost 400 questions and covers the most important aspects of Medical Mycology: General Concepts of Mycology, Basic Biology of Fungi, Disease of Mechanisms of Fungi and Anti-fungal Agents. 


Toxicology & Poisonous Substances Mobile App Quiz

Toxicology is among the core subjects of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. Toxicology is generally defined as the branch of biological science that study adverse effects of chemicals and drugs on living systems. It also involves the prevention or amelioration of such adverse effects. 


KS3 Science Revision Quiz Mobile App

KS3 Science Revision (Resources for school year 7, year 8 and year 9) - from

These KS3 science quizzes will help you to know why Herbert Spencer said “Science is organized knowledge” and why Josh Billings said “Science is the literature of truth”.

The quizzes might push you on your way to becoming a great scientist or they might simply help you understand why things around you happen as they do. Either way, we hope that you enjoy your KS3 science revision.


KS3 English Revision Quiz Mobile App

KS3 English Revision (Resources for school year 7, year 8 and year 9) - from

To write good English it is not essential to know the difference between a noun and a verb but there is no doubt it helps! When you have read enough you will instinctively know that it is wrong to say “She ain’t going with em”. By playing these KS3 English quizzes you will start to feel what is right and what is wrong.


KS3 Maths Revision Quiz Mobile App

KS3 Maths Revision from Education Quizzes – Revising that is Quick and Easy

KS3 Maths Revision (Resources for school year 7, year 8 and year 9) - from

Whether you love Maths or you hate it, you can be encouraged by the fact that 50% of all doctors graduate in the bottom half of their class! If you love Maths then we hope our KS3 Maths quizzes help you love it a little more and if you hate Maths then we hope the quizzes help you hate it a little less. 



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