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You already know that the words that we speak have the power of life and death. However, you may not be fully using this to your advantage or not using tapping into this at all.

The app offers the following benefits:

- It will help you make positive confessions a part of your life by providing in a handy mobile form, confessions you can start using immediately – and each and every day. 

- The app provides over 165 Scripture-based confessions that will help you tap into the blessings of God by releasing the spoken word from your mouth. 

- The confessions are conveniently organized into categories - with the scriptural reference - both where to find it and also the verse provided in full.

- For easier personal identification / engagement, the confessions are personalized (use of “I”). 

- You will be able meditate on each confession for a few seconds / minutes and then speak it out aloud with conviction from your heart. 

- This app will help you release the power of the spoken Word in your life - connecting you to the blessing of God and releasing His grace and favor into your live!


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