Intranet Site Development With Password Protected Content

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These days its efficient to share content online.  Given that the world is a global one (no longer local), it's often necessary to share content with people who may be in a different time zone and location.   And of course, you want them to be able to access content that's password-protected.  Or you may simply want to store this content online so you can access it when you are on the road or away from your home / office. 

Such intranet sites can be useful for sharing of all kinds of notes and documents such as:

  • Organization documents
  • confidential family information that you would like to share with other family members
  • Business documents
  • Photos / pictures


Features and Functionality

  • Content can be simple such as one shared MS Excel file or a complete site where documents can be shared with comments etc. 
  • Members can be given the ability to upload content etc.
  • Site can be restricted and people given acess to specific content only
  • Site can be incorporated under your domain name or standalone